Library of Congress– Loved it!

I recently went to Washington DC on vacation (but being a full-time nerd), I couldn’t resist stopping by a LOC Thomas Jefferson Building. It was absolutely wonderful and worth the 10 mins I spend in line outside to get it.

photo 5           photo (3)

Architecturally, the building is beautiful. Grand staircases, marble and stain glass at every turn. Every inch of the building was covered with artwork and inspiring quotes about knowledge, reading and the power of words. There were several exhibits open (including one titled Exploring the Early Americas that features some very interesting and priceless maps).photo 4

Since it is still the holiday season they still had a very large beautiful tree in the lobby. It wasn’t until I got closer to the tree that I realized the ornaments were book covers, hundreds of classic stories and fairy tales! I wish I had thought of that for my tree this year.

photo 3        photo 2        photo 1

I’d love to go back (or better yet intern there during the summer) and visit some of the other LOC and Smithsonian buildings


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