A stroll down digital memory lane

In my quest to find literature on information and digital literacy I came across the digital literacy portfolio I created when I was a senior in high school! Whether I realized it then or not, where I am today has always been my passion and its so interesting to see how much I have changed and how much the world has changed as well.

Throughout high school I participated in Global Kid, which is a non-profit education organization aimed at empowering students to be aware of global event and active global citizens. It was my safe haven and the after school activities they provided stimulated me in a way school couldn’t. One of the after programs I joined was call Media Masters. At the time I thought it was boring but looking back now I see that it gave me the foundation to be a successful iSchool student. The Media Masters program was aimed at teaching us digital literacy skills. Each week we had an activity and at the end we would blog about it and earn a badge.

gkMM                                                                   gkDM


Some of this skills I’m passing along in classes and in the Michigan Makers after school program I help facilitate. It is so cool to find this stuff, I completely forgot it even existed. But it shows me just for much knowledge I’ve gained. While I do miss the simplicity of high school I’m so glad that I’m in the position now to return that knowledge to younger students who will grow up one day and write a blog about it.

Last but not least here is the final project from that program: My Digital Portfolio! (which is also my very first screencast!)

Til next time…shhh (no seriously…I don’t need that video going viral. Keep is on the down low!!)



  1. That is so cool that you had high school experiences like this! I also think the digital portfolio is really interesting; I don’t know a ton about badging, but I think your digital portfolio is similar to that.

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