Last weeks class was very unique. We spend a goo amount of time reflected on the week before and how we were taught transliteracy skills. I think reflecting is a key component to learning. Its easy to some assume we understand how we came to a conclusions but reflecting forces us to think back and find evidence for how we got to where we are now.

Like I said in my blog A stroll down memory lane, I didn’t have any formal digital fluency workshops until I was in high school and participated in Global Kids. Although I knew and had been using a computer and the internet for years, the idea of being taught this felt weird. I think for the most part many adults assumed that this was a skill that my generation came pre-installed with. And sometimes I feel the same way. I didn’t realize how many holes I had in my understanding of websites and digital information until I participated in Media Masters. And reflecting back on my experience now, I can still see areas where I could still use some improvement (which I’m gaining through course work and internship).

I think its very important for librarians to be very information fluent and to continue to learn a grow with technology.  I’m really looking forward to reading what some of my other classmates had to say about last weeks class.

Til next time…shhhh


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