Bonus Blog!

The Blogs

One of the blogger I follow is Venn Librarian which is operated by Laura Pearle. Laura is the Director of Library Services at Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut. Her blogs seem to focus on school media. Here’s a word cloud what terms  are most common on her blog.


Another blogger I follow is Feral Librarian by Chris Bourg. Chris is the Assistant University for Public Services for the Stanford University Libraries.Librarian. Aside from librarianship Chris also blogs about sociology, gender and LGBT issues. Heres a word cloud of her blogs:


Another academic librarian that I follow is Librarian Meg by Meggan Frost. Meggan is a UMSI alumna and is currently the Public Services Librarian at Paul Smith’s College in New York. Heres a word cloud n Meg:

bonus 3

Last but not least, I follow RIPs Law Library which is published by the Research Instruction & Patron Services Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries. Here’s a word cloud:

bonus 4

The connection

Each of these blogs as super interesting. But it was a little difficult to find a common theme among them until I did the word cloud. Each of these blogs are unique and focus on different topics, but one things they did have in common is the emphasis on service and catering to there users. Whether its public, academic or a special collection, each of these libraries a dedicated to providing a quality service to its users. Regardless of the topic of the blog, what the content, service or product will mean to the  users and the community appears in each blog. I think that’s really interesting and great to see. I think libraries should always keep there users in mind and always strive to provide the best service possible.

Til next time…shhh


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