Tell me all about it! (Book Clubs)

Who doesn’t love share the cool new book they read? I think thats the best part about reading..getting together to discuss how it the book made you feel. That the best part about doing anything come to think of it..which is why Facebook and Twitter are so popular.. people just love to share. Books have a wonderful way of taking people to a special place and can allow people to go through a new adventure.

“The joy and mystery of reading is that each of us reads a different book from everyone else…even when it’s the same book,”-  Nancy Pearl

This weeks reading were all about book clubs! There are tons of different type of book clubs and there are many reasons to join one. Book club are a great way to get to know other people and get to hear other perspectives on a book you are all reading. Sadly I haven’t been in a book club for about a year now and my Kindle sits unused on my desk day after day. This is why I’m really glad we are getting the chance to plan, moderate and participate in a book club for this assignment.   I love the idea of being in a book club and not all reading the same book, but rather something with the same theme or subject! That idea comes from  The Book Club Exploded and it must make for a very interesting discussion. Reading the same book is great but reading different books with the same theme allow you to compare different authors, writing styles and emotions.

I’m so use to scholarly reading that the idea of leisure reading seems foreign. But the act to discussing a reading with a group to get a better understanding of the text is common between both. The reading Socratic Seminars: Engaging Students in Intellectual Discourse by Lynda Tredway give a great explanation of how these types of active conversations benefits both the participants and the facilitator. The participants of course get to earn from each others perspectives and they get to express any uncertainty they may have. But it also allows the facilitator to hear other views and engage with the readings deeper.

I’m excited for this assignment and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Til next time..shhh


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  1. I love that quote you used about reading! And also, genre/theme book clubs are great – I’ve been to one on award-winning books, and it was really interesting to talk about books that were so varied. It might be a little easier with books that are connected by more than just having an award, like if they were all graphic novels (another book club I had wanted to go to but couldn’t) or books about the same theme or event or person.

    And if you want a book club, you could start one! Or you can always join YASL’s book clubs twice a semester. I promise it will be a good time, even if you don’t read many children’s books anymore.

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