Weeding workshops

Last week we each conducted our workshops and it was so much fun. It was really clear that everyone had learnt from the mistakes they mad during the book clubs and I feel like we all put a little more effort into our workshops. Overall I really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot from the other groups. I even got a chance to tap into the inner high school version of myself. Of course there was snacks and used the Ramblehook application to keep a timer for all of the groups.  It didn’t even feel like course work or stressful. It felt like I was getting together with a small group to actually conduct a short, fun workshop.

Emily and I did our workshop called “The Darkside of Librarianship: Strategies for Avoiding Weeding Controversy” (keeping with our theme of darkness from the book clubs).  I’m really glad that it went over so well because I was a little concerned when we were planning that we wouldn’t have enough time to get things done. Emily came up with the topic because she’s in the collection management course now and I read a few links to blogs and papers she sent me to get a better understand of it myself. Our feedback from the group was really positive and I’m so happy Emily and I were able to do such a good job.




  1. You and Emily did a great job with your workshops! I particularly liked how you used scenarios to get the group to generate ideas. I love scenario challenges because they present situations that we very well may encounter in our professional career. Getting a chance to brainstorm solutions to tricky situations in a friendly, collaborative environment makes me feel more prepared for the challenges that we’ll face on the job.

  2. I’d be really curious to hear what you talked about in your workshop on weeding! I’m not in collection development right now, but weeding is something we talked about in 624 (the youth media class), and Rachel, Kirsten, and I got hands-on weeding experience over ASB at 826NYC when we helped them set up their library. I don’t remember how much I told you before, but it seems like we weeded around a quarter of their collection – there were more books there than we ever would have imagined! And it was kind of tricky – we had to try to pick things that were appropriate for an audience we were not all that familiar with, though we got to know the wonderful folks at 826NYC as the week went on.

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