Tweet Tweet!

This week is going to be really fun and interesting! We started tweeting and following other libraries and librarian. I’ve been on Twitter for a while and I love it. I love to freedom and low expectations. I love the creativity and serendipitous discovery. I really enjoyed tweeting about libraries! In my quest for fun and interesting tweets I discovered that April is School Library Month!


I didn’t realize just how many school media librarian used twitter until I started to look for people to follow. I love the sense of community and collaboration that Twitter creates among its user. I also love the feeling you get when someone important (like the AADL) favorites your tweet! (Yay me!!). It makes the world seem a little smaller and connected closer.

Speaking of serendipitous discovery, I found out via Twitter that the New York Public Library has made 20,000 map from its collection available online and open source! Since I’ve been working at a library that specializes in maps, I’ve developed a new excitement and appreciation for maps. I realize how valuable and sought after they are. For the NYPL to digitize and upload all of these maps is amazing!


Twitter is a great platform (when used wisely) to profession growth and discovery. I’m excited to see where this goes!


Til next time…..Shhh




  1. Oh yes, I agree that it is a special #winning feeling when someone I admire or has a lot of followers favorites or retweets my Tweet.

    One of the things I noticed on my list was ebbs and flows of activity. Some individuals regularly Tweet daily, even if it is just to keep active, while others have flourishes of activity when they are attending conferences or are engaging in a Twitter chat. What is your level of activity on Twitter? Why do you favorite or retweet: is it the content or the Twitter account you are supporting?

  2. I really like how you point out the “serendipitous” aspect of Twitter. Users can discover interesting and useful information on this platform all the time–perhaps even information that can help in your career aspirations. I know not everyone likes Twitter, but not using this platform at all can cut you off from beneficial info.

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