What comes next for me?

This is a bittersweet moment. My last blog for SI 643. This wont be my last blog post ever, I’ve grown to like blogging and will continue to use this one for library and life related blogs.

Today the class finished the webinars! We’ve come a long way and I really enjoyed all of the workshops I participated in. My team will be doing our webinar over since the first try was very rough. But I’m feeling a little more confident about it this second time around. Stay tuned for updates on that.

For this weeks reading focused on continuing our path towards professional development. In my opinion a professional should never stop seeking new information. And organizations should make it as easy as possible for its empolyees to attend professional workshops and conferences. I will always do my best to stay current with matters of the library professional and digital humanities.  There’s a really interesting point that comes up in the Semadini (2010) article about an example of professional development for teachers, which is the idea that the teacher have a choice of what areas they want to improve in then they become experts in that area. These experts then act as mentors to help those who chose a different area. I really like that idea. It sounds a lot like the ‘t-shape people’ theory we discussed in SI 500. Let face it, we cant be an expert in all things, there aren’t enough hours in the day, nor would i even want to know everything about everything because that sounds overwhelming. But if as a team we each become experts in a certain area, then we can use the knowledge of others to broaden our own understanding and teach other some of what we know. Its a create community model that really benefits everyone. As long as everyone has the same level of interest in leanring and sharing their won knowledge, everyone wins.

I almost fell over laughing at the honesty the Blower and Reed article ‘The C’s of Our Sea Change: Plans for Training Staff, from Core Competencies to LEARNING 2.0’.

“Out-of-order signs get placed on PCs because workers don’t know the passwords.” (Blower & Reed 2007)

Just yesterday I was at when I note a ‘Out-of-order’ sign on a PC and was told the screen wouldn’t turn on. It took me all of 2 seconds to realize the monitor cord what not connected to the computer. So I just plug in back in and wala the computer was fix. No technical skills necessary but for someone reason someone else decided it was an issue best left foe the professional from SITES. Issue like this are pretty common and I’ve even used a “I don’t know why its not working, sorry” excuse at work once or twice. In the information science field, we need to adapt quick and keep up. Constant change is the nature of this profession. We need to embrace it. I don’t think  Mlibrary offers any  core competency programs for its part-time/temporary staff, but they should so that simple issue can be address and bigger issue are more noticeable.

Kristin article also focused on the concepts discussed in the Blower and Reed article. I really like to point she makes about the sense of “play and experimentation” associated with her experience. Most people absorb more information when it’s done in a relax and fun environment, much like this course. Sure, I’m receiving a grade for this class, but this course never really felt stressful or as overwhelming as many of my other courses this semester. I actually looked forward to attending class because it was a friendly environment, I guess that’s what happens when you get a room full of future librarian together! I will miss this class, I enjoyed each week and have gained so much.

Til next time…Shhhhh


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